Tamar Valley Hazelnuts

Tamar Valley Hazelnuts is a small farming enterprise owned by my husband Nathan and I, located in Glengarry Tasmania.

We are currently perfecting our orchard management techniques and selling hazelnut trees through our nursery. As our orchard trees are 1-6 years old they are not producing hazelnuts in large quantities at present.

From mid 2016, our fresh in season nuts will be sold wholesale and some retail hazelnut sales. We do sell hazelnut whips to people wanting to plant and grow their own hazelnut trees.


We can provide advice and assistance to new growers and as a starting point recommend potential and current hazelnut growers join the hazelnut growers association which provides excellent resources on how to grow hazelnuts and the latest news in the industry. The Hazelnut Growers Handbook can be purchased from the association or comes as part of your membership. It is a fantastic resources for all new growers.

The Hazelnut Growers of Australia hold an annual conference with presentations on growing and marketing hazelnuts, farm tours and discussion with other local and mainland growers. They also coordinate a farm walk in each of the main growing states of NSW, VIC and TAS each year and keep members in touch with networking, newsletters, Nut Growers magazine, website and information.