Rural Women’s Award

I’m so thankful for being the Tasmanian Rural Women’s Award recipient for 2015. It’s a great honour and opportunity to meet other fantastic women in agriculture around the country, learn how to be a company director and make my project happen.

The award has provided the $ to enable me to travel to Oregon in late September to study the hazelnut industry over there. The industry in America is the third largest in the world and uses a mechanised approach similar to our aims in Australia. I’ll be visiting all sizes of businesses when I’m there but focusing on the small to medium vertically integrated ones that I feel will be the most similar to where we want to be with our business in the next couple of years.

The award has also provided the funds and momentum for me to develop a one day workshops in project management skills for rural businesses. This will hopefully help other business women in Tasmania realise their projects by providing a step by step walk through of their project looking at budgeting, scheduling, risk and stakeholder management. If you are interested in coming along please contact me and check out the details here. The workshops aim to be accessible and practical and delivered to maximise opportunities to learn off other rural women and their business or event projects.

More information about the Award

The RIRDC Rural Women’s Award is Australia’s pre-eminent Award for rural women. The Award identifies and supports emerging women leaders who have the desire, commitment and leadership potential to make a greater contribution to primary industries and rural communities.

The Award acknowledges women’s leadership capacity in effecting change and influence through connecting and collaborating, and creates opportunities for women to drive innovation and build resilience. The Award also encourages primary industries and their communities to embrace diversity in leadership to successfully navigate future challenges.

The Award is an amazing opportunity to further your leadership development, make a tangible difference and inspire others. The Award also links recipients with a positive and powerful alumni network of like-minded women across the country who are passionate about primary industries and rural Australia.

The Award is open to all women involved in primary industries and/or rural Australia. No formal qualifications are required.