About Me

I am a 37 year old mother of two school age children, Emma and Simon. They both attend the local Exeter Primary School. I manage a small farming business, a hazelnut orchard with my husband, Nathan in Glengarry, Tasmania.

I am currently working as a local government councillor for the West Tamar council.

I have 10 years experience working in federal government in project management and program governance focusing on financial accountability and prioritisation. Some of my experience includes program managing a budget of $22M over 4 financial years comprising 50-60 projects and supporting a committee that oversaw the prioritisation of those projects, project managing a $8M computer upgrade project and project managing a $4M software installation and rollout to four organisations.

I was born in Burnie and have grown up in Tasmania with strong family ties to the state. After living and working on the mainland for 12 years and the birth of our first child we decided to move back to Tasmania to be closer to family. We also felt that Tasmania was the best place to raise our children.

I have a Masters degree in Information Technology from UNSW, and an Honours degree in Biochemistry from the ANU. I am a professionally accredited project manager with the Australian Institute of Project Managers and have a Diploma in Project Management.

Hazelnut Orchards

My husband and I own and operate a hazelnut orchard in Glengarry, Tasmania. We are in the start up phase and are not commercial. It’s a long lead in time as we have been growing hazelnut trees on our property since 2010 and still have a few more years until we are producing in a substantial way. If you are interested in opportunities for horticulture in Tasmania and eating great produce then check out our website Tamar Valley Hazelnuts. Also check out the Hazelnut Growers of Australia for information on the whole industry.